Appetite Project | The project
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The project

The APPETITE Project, supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme, aims at developing and delivering training and practical education on enduring business models among an innovative training course addressing, on the one side, to experienced agri-food entrepreneurs and on the other side, to youth seeking for new work opportunities.
The project adresses the needs for education and training in the field of Enduring Business Models in the agrifood sector. Agrifood sector is a contaminating industry characterised by an eldering workforce, thus needing a deep renewal.
APPETITE project adresses those challenges through the development of a training: of which purposes are:
To rise the awareness of experienced agrifood entrepreneurs about their needs for adaptation and innovation to make a transition toward a sustainable business model.


To develop new competences for youth and unemployed to allow them to apply innovation and sustainable schemes to the agrifood sector.

APPETITE partners will use open and innovative education methods, embedded in the digital era.