How to enrol

To participate in any of the courses available on the platform you can choose one of the following methods:

1) Send an email request to with the following information:

Name and Surname
Email address



Job (Entrepreneur, Employee, Student, Unemployed
Date of Birth

You will be enrolled in the platform and added to the courses. Once the platform enrolment is completed you will receive an email with a username and a temporary password that we recommend you to change from your user profile once you have logged in for the first time.

Note: the courses should be attended in the following sequence: Discovery, Incubation, and Acceleration. Transversal modules are recommended to be attended as integration for the three main modules of the course.  Each student has to select at least 6 modules to complete the whole learning journey.


2) Automatic enrolment

In order to register automatically, you are asked to proceed as follows:

  1. Choose a course from the home page (you should start with Discovery) and apply for access by clicking on Click to enter this course. You will be redirected to the account setup page.
  2. Enter all the required data and click on "Create my new account".
  3. Before proceeding, check that you have received the email with the link to confirm your registration on the platform.
  4. Click on the link you will receive by email and you will be redirected directly to the platform. On the page that opens, click on Continue.
  5. Now you will be redirected to the application form for the course you have previously chosen. Keep the same data you already used, making sure that all required fields (those with the red *) are complete, especially the Other fileds below. And click on Enrol me.
  6. At this point your request will be sent to the administrator and, as soon as possible, you will receive an email confirming or rejecting your enrolment request.

Note: To register for other courses you will need to be logged out and, from the homepage, repeat this procedure from point a) selecting another course. The only difference is that, since you are already registered on the platform, at point b) you do not have to click on "Create my new account" but enter your access data (username and password) directly and proceed with all the other steps.

Last modified: Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 8:42 AM