Appetite Project | Partnership Meeting in Avignon
The M3 was held on 24 – 25 January 2019 at CRITT in Avignon, France.
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Agrifood Companies and Environmental Sustainability

Agrifood Companies and Environmental Sustainability

Federalimentare, Viale Luigi Pasteur n.10, Rome, 10 – 14 June 2019

APPETITE aimed a short-term blended activity for learners which was in Roma and was delivered in English. This training activity brought together from Turkey, Spain, Italy, France and Denmark.
The idea behind this activity was to monitor and pilot the APPETITE training activity.

•Welcome speech – Federalimentare (Italy)
• Introduction of the project – SETBİR (Turkey)
• Introduction of the online e-learning platform – TATICS (Italy)

•Company Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in the agrifood sector – CRITT (France)
•The agri-food cahin – CRITT (France) and Coordina (Spain)
• “Mediterranean Diet on table & tablet” and “Metafore Project” – Fondazione Alario (Italy)

•Workshop: CSR, sustainability, labour chain and their impacts on the agri-food sector – CRITT (France) and Coordina (Spain)
•Globalisation, Circular Economy, Servitisation and Industry 4.0 – AAU (Denmark) and Federalimentare (Italy)
•Sustainability Context Matrix – Coordina (Spain)

•Workshop: “Sustainability Context Matrix – Rome” – Coordina (Spain)
•Open & social innovation, cooperation and team working skills, social media, creativity and innovation skills – AAU (Denmark) and SETBİR (Turkey)
•Stakeholders involvement for agri-food companies – CRITT (France)
•Stakeholders map, prioritisation and relevance matrix – Coordina (Spain)

•Workshop: “Stakeholders map production, prioritisation and relevance matrix” – CRITT (France) and Coordina (Spain)
•Market analysis and business models in the agri-food sector – SETBİR (Turkey)

•Change management in the agri-food sector – AAU (Denmark)
•CSR and Sustainability Action Plans – CRITT (France)
•Sustainability Report in the agri-food sector – Coordina (Spain)
•Workshop: “Next steps needed in the agri-food sector” – AAU (Denmark), CRITT (France) and Coordina (Spian)

•“The Bioclimatic Pergola of Posta Donini” – Posta Donini (Italy)
•“Organic and Regenerative Agriculture” – La Petrosa (Italy)
•Creative and Sustainable challenges for the future of the high-quality artisanal bakery” –  Malavenda 1872 (Italy)
•“Be business: digital, social and sustainable communication” – TATICS (Italy)
•“Identity and privacy: EU legislation on the protection of personal data” – TATICS (Italy)